The new Initial Public Offering(IPO) of Ruru Jalabidhyut Pariyojana limited is being issued at 20th of chaitra.

With expected capacity of 5MW, project is being conducted in Gulmi district and NIBL Ace Capital bank has been appointed as a issue manager of the project.

Now lets understand the basic information only needed to apply for IPO;
  • Issue date: 20th Chaitra (can be extented upto 3rd of baisakh if required share units are not applied)
  • Total share number: 4,07,706 among which 2% i.e 8,154 will be given to the staff and employees of the project and another 8% i.e 20,385 is reserved for mutual funds.
  • Remaining 3,79,167 units are open for individual investor like us.
  • How many unit should i apply for: Apply only 10 units. I will tell you why, analyzing the recent data of people who have been actively participating in this interesting game of IPO, tentatively about 18lakhs people will apply for it and only 3.79 lakhs units are available. So, there is no point in applying more than 10units.
  • Out of 18lakhs people, only 38 thousands will get 10units each. you must be super lucky to get this.


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