#1 Reason Why Women Love Rich Men?

This is the statement given by the standup comedian Chris Rock during one of his shows.

He went on to say when a guy meets a new girl, his friends ask him, how does she look? And when a girl meets a new guy, her friends ask what does he do?

If we analyze what Mr. Rock said here, it’s challenging to label it as TRUE or STUPID. 

I had a kind of mixed opinion but decided to ask the woman I know. I created a poll on Instagram asking Do girls really ask that question, what does he do?

38% said ‘Mostly, YES!’

44% agreed on ‘Some girls might ask but at least I don’t.’

19% clicked on ‘girls rather ask this’ and they had their argument.


After two days of posting this story, I was still not ready to make my point on this question.  As I was trying to understand this and come up with an answer, funnily, I had another question. 

Why is it even important to know whether girls ask that or not? Even if they ask, what is wrong with it?

We have seen examples like Amber Heard and there is a percentage of women who try to get rid of their partner only to have someone richer which must be condemned, no argument on that, and no one is backing this behavior either. 

But if it’s about CHOOSING, having options to pick one from,  why should we even have any objections? 

If your wife has the option to choose a company, where would you recommend her to go? 

Of course, the one who pays more, right?

Now, you might argue saying I first consider the company’s future, organizational culture, growth, and work-life balance then only decide which is a logical point but the company that pays higher doesn’t necessarily indicate that it has poor culture and management.

Similarly, while choosing a partner, considering you have no prior emotional attachment, picking one with more financial resources doesn’t mean she ignores whether he is a criminal or a thief.

Men with fat wallets don’t equal men with bad behavior. what is wrong if he respects you enough as a companion? 

Ever since the evolution of human civilization, almost everything we do is either to minimize the risk of the future or to secure it. If someone is very rich it also means he is better prepared if his family ever faces any crisis and who wouldn’t appreciate it?

A study has been conducted to know if women prefer a man who earned his money or the one who inherited it. 95 percent of women agreed they want a man who earned it through his own dedication and hard work.

What does that mean?

It means your strength and ability to earn are more appreciated than your undeserving business and property. 

Why do we teach our kids to study hard, and learn more? Because we expect them to get a comfortable life, right?

Aren’t we all working to get a more comfortable life? 

If you’re rich that means you’ve worked hard, and learned how to make money unless you aren’t a criminal or a corrupt person. It means you have mastered your skill at the Job or the art of business. That indicates some worthiness, isn’t it?

Other Side Of The Story

We discussed enough what women ask about men but the argument will be incomplete without considering the opposite which is what men talk about women.

As Mr. Rock said, men want to know what she looks like. It means you want to know how beautiful she is.

If someone going after money (which is earned) doesn’t sound appealing then someone going after beauty (which is not a result of hard work) doesn’t make sense either, right? 

Do you see the irony here?

But that doesn’t mean someone going after money is a very good act. We have seen examples of some women leaving their long relationships just because someone richer approached. We hate that. 

But we have also seen some men who dumped their years-long girlfriends just because they got a more attractive-looking girl.

We tend to make fun of girls who use make-up products and are cautious about their looks yet we forget what we look for.  A simple ‘Demand And Supply Rule’ shouldn’t be this hard to understand.

Since there is a demand for good looks, people focus on it. Similarly, since there is little supply of rich people, people want to get near to it.

If everyone were the same in looks, we would have had something else about their personality to judge by. If everyone on earth were rich, we would have different metrics and parameters to rank on social status. 

Remember this stat?

I forgot to talk about one more option on that poll. The number of people that said ‘No, girls don’t ask that question, was 0%.

What does this mean? 

Maybe people agree that they want their partner to be rich but they aren’t happy with how you portray it, as if some wrongdoing.

I am not sure what lesson you will take away from this article but while writing I realized,

  • Having a lot of money doesn’t make you the happiest person but you definitely gonna be miserable if you don’t have enough.
  • The best way to find an answer is sometimes to ask a better question. 
  • No matter how strongly you believe something, you might still be a hypocrite and unaware.

As you’re reading this, I can imagine the potential problems you might be facing right now. If you had some million bucks in your account, wouldn’t life be a little easier, a little happier? 

Do you think people like Hitler and Kim Jong will talk about democracy – freedom & equality? No, they won’t. My point here is, If you despise women falling for rich guys, you are probably still struggling to become one. 

Maybe your frustration is with Capitalism. You hate how this world is designed in a way that not having money is like not having enough oxygen at the top of Mount Everest. 

Maybe you don’t want to climb it but you have to. 

You hate this race but this society won’t find you successful unless you don’t become rich and famous.

Why women are like this?, why do men are like that?, why the world is like this?, and why do I feel frustrated with it?

No one of these questions is wrong. Never stop asking questions but make sure you are becoming wiser after raising them.

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